Ferry to Ireland with a Motorbike

Getting a ferry from Cairnryan to Larne with a motorbike couldn’t be easier with P&O ferries. Why not book your next trip with us for the best deal today!
Before leaving for the port, please make sure that you’ve checked out our port directions page and leave yourself plenty of time, as the port area can get busy.
Travel by motorbike with P&O Ferries

When you arrive at the port our friendly staff will be on hand to direct you to where you need to go.

When you check in, our staff will let you know what lane to get in.

Once we’re ready to get you on board, a member of staff will direct you onto the ship!

A top tip from us is to make sure you have a look at what area you’re parked in, as each one is colour-coded and will help you find your way back to the vehicle at the end of the crossing.

An announcement will be made when you need to return to your vehicle. When you get back to your motorbike, please don’t turn your engine on until you’re asked to do so. Our friendly staff members will then direct you off the ship where you will be all set to start discovering Northern Ireland.

When travelling with a motorbike getting the ferry to Larne is both convenient and quick. The crossing takes two hours and Larne port is well connected to Northern Ireland, meaning you could be in Belfast in half an hour. 

Travel by motorbike with P&O Ferries