Things to do in Reims

Of all the things to do in Reims, tasting delicious champagne is definitely the most famous. However, there are plenty of other options for after you’ve had a tipple or two, or if you’re not a fan of fizz!

Located in North East France, Reims can be reached in under three hours from the port in Calais which makes it ideal for a short break, plus it's a great place to stop over if you are heading further south. If you're travelling by car, enjoy more freedom and peace of mind by upgrading to one of our Flexi tickets. Take the scenic route home at a leisurely pace with one of our Standard Flexi or Fully Flexi tickets, and you'll enjoy greater flexibility to your departure time! 

We've shared some of our favourite things to do in Reims below to inspire you to visit this fascinating city, no matter what you enjoy doing while you are on holiday there's plenty to do in and around Reims!




















Reims Champagne Region in France

Things to do in Reims

Visit the Famous Champagne Houses

As previously mentioned, Reims is an absolute paradise for wine lovers as it is the unofficial capital of France’s Champagne region. This means that it is home to a number of champagne houses which offer tours and tastings so you can find out all about this luxurious wine, and try different types for yourself.

Tours often include visiting the historic Roman chalk pits, which can only be found in Reims, that offer the ideal temperature and humidity for creating that delicious fizz that many people love, so you can discover how it is made and what makes it so popular around the world.

If you want to explore a bit more about Reims in addition to their champagne related history you can choose a tour that takes you around the historic town too, and many will offer a delicious lunch as part of the package!

Champagne House in Reims, France

Saint Remi Basilica in Reims

Reims History and Culture

For those who love discovering the history and culture of their holiday destinations, you won’t be disappointed with the things to do in Reims that fit into these categories.

Start with a visit to the Saint-Remi Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can get lost in a collection of history and art that is sure to amaze you. You’ll also love the stunning stained glass windows which make the building feel extra special.

Next, head to the Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims, another UNESCO World Heritage Site and a defining example of Gothic art, which is known for its remarkable number of statues, impressive size, and important role in French history – notably it was the location of 33 coronations in just over 1,000 years!

Attractions in Reims

Car fans will love the Musée Automobile Reims Champagne, which was originally opened to display the collection of Philippe Charbonneaux, and is now home to more than 230 cars. Sharing the history of the French automobile with its visitors, this museum also hosts an impressive bike collection and around 5,000 miniature and toy cars too.

Bookworms should visit the Bibliothèque Carnegie where you can discover medieval manuscripts and books dating back as far as 1501. Built between 1921 and 1927, the library was funded by Andrew Carnegie following World War 1 and is free to enter. Don’t forget to admire the mosaics, stained glass, and the lantern and fountain which can be found in the hall.

Carneigie Library in Reims, France

French Crepes from a market in France

Eating and Drinking

We have already covered the top drink to try when you visit Reims, but there are plenty of other eating and drinking options that are sure to tempt you during your holiday.

For a unique eating experience, head to Café du Palais which boasts a stunning art deco design and has a skylight which is certainly a talking point! The café has been family-owned since it opened in 1930 and is full of interesting items and artwork.

Fancy some seafood? A trip to Le Bocal is a must as they only serve the catches of the day which means that the menu is always different, and you are guaranteed a very fresh meal! When it is time for a treat we suggest going to À L’Ére du Temps for delicious French crêpes – an absolute must-have during a holiday in France.

With so many amazing things to do in Reims, why not book your Dover to Calais crossing today and discover this fascinating city for yourself?

Start with a visit to the Saint-Remi Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can get lost in a collection of history and art that is sure to amaze you

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