Plan your trip to France

Being able to plan your trip to France is one of the best parts about going to this great country on holiday, and once you’ve got a few key things organised you can simply focus on having fun when you get there.

With great food, stunning beaches, plenty of history and a fascinating culture it is no wonder that France is one of the top holiday destinations for people in the UK as there really is something for everyone.

So, whether you are hoping to explore vibrant cities, hide away and relax in a country retreat, or unwind on a beautiful beach, plan your trip to France in advance to ensure that you get the most out of your holiday. Check out our helpful guides to planning your trip to France below!




















Plan your trip to France with P&O Ferries

Accommodation in France

Accommodation in France

Choosing the right accommodation in France to suit your needs is vital in ensuring that you have the most amazing time. 

From hotels and apartments to cottages and villas, there are plenty of different accommodation types to choose from meaning that you will be able to find something that is perfect for you and those that you are travelling with. 

Don’t forget to treat yourself to some added extras to make your holiday even more special, such as opting for a place with a hot tub, or one that comes with breakfast! Plus there’s no need to worry if you want to bring your furry friend along as there are plenty of pet-friendly options in France too.  

Find accommodation in France

Find attractions in France

Attractions in France

Once you’ve booked your accommodation you can start looking at what to do during your trip. We guarantee that there will be a whole range of fun attractions and activities nearby, all you need to do is pick the ones that interest you the most! 

Booking your attractions before you travel can give you peace of mind that you won’t miss out, and doing a bit of research on where you are going to be staying by reading some informative travel guides means that you will know exactly what to expect when you arrive so you will be completely ready for your adventure. 

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Travelling to France by ferry

Planning your trip to France is made much easier with P&O Ferries! From our handy travel guides packed full of inspiration, to discovering our on board facilities and planning where you’ll eat first when you arrive on the ship, we’ll make sure your holiday starts from the moment you decide to book!

Travelling by ferry gives you so much freedom to tailor your holiday to how you’d like. With no luggage allowance, flexible ticket options and 15 sailings a day on our Dover to Calais route, you can plan your trip to France around you! Whether you’re going for a weekend away or an activity filled adventure holiday, you can pack your suitcases up and take what you like! Just make sure you leave room in your car for your return journey, you won’t want to miss out on the return of Duty Free in our World Duty Free Shop!

Did you know? To give you more freedom and peace of mind when you travel with your car you can upgrade to one of our Flexi tickets. Allowing you to take the scenic route home at a leisurely pace, our Standard Flexi and Fully Flexi tickets give you greater flexibility* to your departure time! So you can spend even more time at your destination, without the worry of rushing back.

Book now and start planning your trip to France today!

*The amount of flexibility on your departure time depends on which ticket type you choose to upgrade too. For more details visit our terms and conditions.

Family of three on bridge in Paris, France

Booking your attractions in France before you travel can give you peace of mind that you won’t miss out

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Heading to France as a family to explore different places and try new things is a great way to bond and create special memories.

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